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PTO News Letters


   September 2002   

October 2002










September 2002

    We would like to start with the biggest news of the year. Thanks to Becky Pitchford we now have this web site and an email address Now if you need information about what is going on with the PTO or you would like to sign up to volunteer you can do it on line. Thank you very much, Becky!!

    For those of you who are not familiar with what we do at Maple Grove maybe this will help.

Fall Fundraiser with Mr. Z's: pays for the majority of the functions sponsored by the PTO; whether it be reading programs, ribbons, awards, more playground equipment, or assemblies. This is our most important fundraiser.
Candy Grams: pay for buses for field trios taken by each grade level.
Santa Workshop/Secret Shop & Spring Fest: are for family fun. The Santa Secret Shop gives the children a chance to shop for their relatives, friends and teachers at a reasonable price. The proceeds help with what is not met through the fall fundraiser.
McDonald's Night: a chance for students and their families to get together outside of school for some fun; see teachers working at McDonald's. We receive 20% of each sale from that day when the coupon is used from Maple Grove.
Family Skate Night: a chance for students and their families to get together outside of school and have some fun. We receive $1.00 for each person that skates.
Golf Tournament: all funds from this function will be put into an account for technology needs.
General Mills Box Tops for Education and Best Choice UPC's: we earn $.10 for each Box Top for Education collected and $30.00 for every 1,000 Best Choice UPC's. These are great ways to earn extra cash for our students.
Volunteers: are the heart and soul of every function or fundraiser the PTO sponsors. Without volunteers it would be impossible for our functions to run smoothly. If you are interested in helping your PTO achieve a successful year sign up by e-mail at or send a note addressed to the PTO with your child to school.
Important Dates: September 23-27 (this week) Candy Grams on sale
October 8  PTO Meeting @ 6:30 p.m. (every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30p.m.)
October 23 & 24 Family Skate Night @ the Skate Center in High Ridge 7p.m.-9p.m.
October 24 & 25 pick up fundraiser during Parent Teacher Conferences

    The Mr. Z's fall fundraiser is going well and it looks as though we will have 50 students going on a limo ride to McDonald's for lunch. I would like to apologize for not making it clear that the limo ride was only for the students and their siblings that attend Maple Grove, and not all their family members. We do realize that it is the parents doing most of the work and it is greatly appreciated by the most important person, your child(ren). Parents are welcome to come to school and take pictures of their child and/or meet them at McDonalds's. More information will be coming home with students going on the trip at a later date. The drawing for the bonus prizes will be held at our October 8th PTO meeting. All students who sold over 20 items will have their name in the drawing. They do not have to be present to win; however if they are present they do have a better chance of picking the prize they would like.

    If there are any questions or concerns regarding the PTO please feel free to call Judy Coleman at 274-9819.

    Did you know?
Dr. Suess wrote Green Eggs and Ham after his editor dared him to write a book using fewer than 50 different words. Check it out.






October 2002

Hello Maple Grove!

We wanted to give you a brief update on events since our last PTO meeting.

We had previously overlooked a few students who had earned the limo ride. They are: Alex and Frankie LaRue, Alex Barnett, Abby Mayher, Myles Brown, and Megan Caveness. The limo ride for all eligible students will take place on Tuesday, November 5, 2002. Permission slips will be coming home soon to the lucky riders. Maple Grove's Night at McDonald will be on that same date from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. Several Maple Grove Teachers will be moonlighting as McDonald's employees during this time.

This is a big thumbs up to Shane Bailey for selling over 100 items from our fall fundraiser. He was our top seller. Gary Reich from Mr.Z's was so impressed he is sending a special prize for Shane. Thank you Shane for all the hard work and to everyone who participated, we are happy to say we met our goal.

The winners from the bonus prize drawing were: Ethan Herr, Brittany Morgan, Heaven Furi, Jamie Doggendorf, Taylor Canada, Charles McClurkin, and Mary Miller.

The Santa's Workshop planning meeting will be on Monday, October 28, 2002 at 6:30 PM. If you have craft or game ideas, please bring them with you.

Just a reminder that fundraisers can be picked up during Parent/Teacher Conferences. If your child's order has an "amount due" on it, it will be held until the balance is paid.

Thank You,

Maple Grove PTO




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